... here's more on the violin since my last crazy post.

(after 40 sec - check out the wacky, brilliant violin in the background)

Done for the day :D

... take the most amazing turns. Starting off with how the day went, and what I did (‘Did you call your cousin? How did the practice go?), the conversation turned inevitably to, yes, food. 

'What did you cook?'
 'Cabbage curry yesterday, and rasam today.'
'How was the rasam?'
‘Let me rephrase. Did you eat it?’
‘I eat anything I cook, ma… I had to cook on Friday because all stores were closed.’
‘Excellent! What did you make?’
Dal… there wasn’t anything else at home…’
Resigned sigh. I can feel it sitting thousands of miles away. I decide to perk the conversation up. 

‘Oh, and guess what, I think they sell chow chow at Fairprice here… but I’m not sure if it is that…’
‘What does it look like?’
‘Like chow chow, but with fewer ridges…’
‘Oh, just buy it anyway, what’s the harm. You know what, it might be sorakkai…’
‘I thought sorakkai is smooth, like a cucumber?’
‘No, no, they do have pear-shaped varieties too, very healthy, it’s a pity we don’t eat it at home!’
‘Oh, I’ve had it at university!’ I quip, remembering the first time I’d ever heard of the vegetable a few years ago. ‘Or wait, was that noolkol…’
Mom loses patience, I think. ‘Then?’

‘I should start working on the next issue of Spark… it’s on womanhood, totally up my alley!’
‘Speaking of Spark, what’s this story you’ve written?! Living Together?! I read the title and I knew it had to be yours…’
‘So what?’
‘Writing about gay relationships, then this.. un poakke seriyilla…’
‘Part of being a writer is to be able to think up scenarios and transfer the emotions…’
‘Yeah, yeah, porum…’
‘It’s ok, one should experience everything in life, you know… writing about it doesn’t mean anything…’ my voice trails. I sense she’s ready to move off the topic. 

‘Did you go swimming?’
‘Shit! It’s 8!! I wanted to go at 7.30. Now it’s too late…’
In the short span of ten minutes, I realize I’ve disappointed and annoyed her, got her amused, and shake her head in disbelief. Boy, shouldn’t she be happy to be entertained by me like this! 

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