It's the stupidest and most random title I have ever given to a post (it's worse than 'Random Ramblings-x' or 'What to name it') but the mind is simply panicking at the inactivity that the blog has seen in the last three months, so yes, whoever is reading this, just deal with it.

What can I say about the last three months? Life's gone through a whirlwind of change, mostly good, but bringing along with it confusion that I'm sure is turning my hair grey. Over the summer, Chennai happened, with yours truly gallivanting through the roads of her favourite city, on cars, buses, bikes and autos. By the beach, eating manga, candy floss, shooting balloons (would you believe it if I said I'd never done it before?) and chasing waves. Singapore happened, with the morning I landed nearly reducing me to tears with the overwhelming feeling of having never left. Of packed days of breakfast at one place, lunch at another, tea elsewhere, dinner somewhere. Cambodia happened, with beautiful temples, heart-wrenching displays of human cruelty, cheap food and lots of coconut water. Coimbatore happened, with lots of cooking and long chats with mom and dad. Dissertation happened, and I was witness to a myriad of mind-boggling views fellow humans hold about womanhood, independence and Indian 'culture'. Meeting old people happened, new, important friends were made. What else could one ask for in a two-month vacation?

Fast forward to the two months I've spent in Mumbai. Back in a hostel after four years, which, I must confess, I enjoy thoroughly (mostly because my hostel is kinda spanking new and has an awesome view and kick-ass breeze). I enjoy it thoroughly despite having to brush sometimes with scalding water in the sink (because of ingenious plumbing), deal with taps running dry a precious 20 minutes before class, sharing one common mirror with 11 girls in a wing, fairly unreliable internet, the neighbour girl who sings all the time, and being shocked that there is a maid who actually comes in to clean the room everyday, and the roommate who, despite this, sweeps and mops the room everyday. I enjoy it, probably because I know this is most likely the last time in my life I'll get to live in a hostel - yes, I might still rent an apartment for myself, but I'm pretty sure that never again in my life can I pay a fixed (down-to-earth cheap) rent for six months in a row and not pay electricity or water bills. It's blissful freedom, it's like my last shot at an innocent, fairly worry-free life. There's so much camaraderie in the wing with people I don't even know. There's so much fun in having people drop in and chat for a few minutes. Or in running one floor up and pestering your friends to give you food, and then ending up spending a whole hour there yapping and laughing or discussing crucial issues of feminism, jackasses on campus to be dealt with and soul-searching-important-to-life decisions. Or lounging about on the sofa on the corridor as long phone conversations go on, walking and feeling the breeze blow the rain on to you, or flipping through the day's papers absentmindedly while on the phone.

It is such a fun time to live through. Despite the many questions of so many types suffocating my thoughts.

More than anything, I'm happy the blog has been revived ;)