Why is the human mind so complicated?
Why do we care too much about something unnecessary?
Why do we expect so much out of people?
Why does it take a lot to keep some people happy?
Why should we try to please people?
Who are others to judge me?
Don't the less complicated people make it great in life?

Questions, questions. If only I knew the answers! If only things (and people) around were much simpler to crack and decode!
But ah, what, then, would be the challenge in life?


Biju said...

design flaws!

the most important flaw being the ability to think, reason, etc. yeah the thing that supposedly differentiates us from other animals. :)

Bhargavi sekhar said...

err..manufacturing defect may be..
anyway,glad to see u back here!

Harish said...

If u knew the answers to these...u wld be called something else....

Yuva said...

oh.. we humans are surprise.. and we do keep wondering about your understanding on life and world.

daily unscripted life.. might look like mess for sometime /some people.. but that is the fun.. The Journey.

ask your mind to sleep.. and heart to fly..

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Don't live for others... You NEVER can please the world... so WHY try?! :P
Live for your own self and just don't give a damn about what any one else says!!!

Things will fall into place!!!

Anonymous said...

Feeling so grumpy????!!!!!!!One of your low tide times I guess....only then lots of Q's like this come.....

Cheer up atta girl... hear for rehman's "take it easy" and read Kanadasan kavidhaikal.... also can read blogs of unknown (thats when I found urs!)

Thats what I do when I feel like u have said..

Regards, MS
P.S: guess I am very late for a comment.. was out of office. Vacation :-)

Anonymous said...

hi just got to read your blog it was very interesting especially because i brood over things probably half the time i am awake and have realized one thing which is only these complications characteristic of every
human gives him an identity and makes life interesting you should probably
sit back and observe what people do
and try to enjoy the idiosyncrasies
(sorry for boring you)

Anonymous said...

i am also interested to know where you stand since this topic was started in march do mail me at svenky2007@yahoo.com by the way i am also a davian