Sex education? Oh, no, blasphemy!


Just read online that some political parties are banning sex education in some states in India because it's against our "culture". So sex education is against Indian culture but the skimpily clad women cheering during the IPL matches are OK and very much a part of Indian culture? Why don’t we stop protesting over silly things and get to work – like, say, actually working towards spreading AIDS awareness and educating the public in better (and more open) terms about it? Ugh, the “bastions of ‘Indian culture’”. We seriously are in need of some re-shifting of priorities before our country can get set and go.

P.S.: Joblessness, hence the news addiction!


Anonymous said...

i hope you meant 'AIDS awareness' or maybe work against spread of AIDS.. :)

rsubras said...

sex education is fine...but i wonder if we have matured enuf staffs to educate ppl about this...

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

oh gosh really? all along my political gurus kept saying that the cranes were still at work... ;)

Madiator said...

Hey, for your information, some political parties are complaining against those cheerleaders :(
I am so very unhappy about this :( They make the match much more fun.. :D
And yeah if those are not part of Indian culture then ban all movies, ban Dhoom 2 in which Aish is scantily clad than those cheerleaders.
Anyways, no comments about sex education. I can only see that students will have more fun! (and poor teachers)
@rsubras : No,I don't think we are mature enough!
P.S : I failed twice to recognize those captcha texts, I wonder whether there is anything wrong with me..

Vinesh said...

Great - here's to more perverts!