The library study diaries

When day dreamers like me try to study in the library to get a studious feel (from the hundred others out there), it fails... and below is what happens; these are random sentences I typed out in boredom while studying there - for all but two days!!

Day 1 - 11 Apr

As I tap the fingers of my right hand on the back of my left palm, as I tap the keys of an invisible piano, to the rhythm of one of the beautiful and cute background pieces of Swades, I feel elated, but I also feel like an idiot as the girl two seats away gives me a weird look.

So I turn to tapping the keys on the keyboard instead – people could simply think I am typing. This was what the rhythm became. Good thing I know how to type. :D

“jjkklkj ;lk j awed ndow j h ji wkjd fo lask ajfkdj;jkl”

I tire the iPod by making it play the same 1.26 min clip over and over again.

I’m suddenly possessed by some zeal to work. Hardly happens, when I work because I want to and not because I have to, and I have to make the fullest of it.

I wonder how lovely it would be if I could play the keyboard (the musical one, I mean, not the computer’s). It’s not tough to learn, but it just didn’t happen.

I had a chocolate brownie today that made me so nauseated I don’t feel like going near one for at least a month. Ugh! Thinking of it makes me queasy. I think I’ll just skip dinner. Dessert became dinner. If I eat at this rate when I’m in the library studying for exams, I’ll get flabby! Nope, I’m not overly concerned, but I simply don’t want to put on unhealthy weight.

It’s a surprise I’ve been sitting in the ‘window’ seat (computer :D) and not looked out to stare at all. I mean, I have (I’m a window fan, after all), but it’s really not been distracting. I really don’t know what’s happened.

Day 2 - 12 Apr

Startling discovery early in the morning: the fountain for drinking water at the end of the corridor near the washrooms spouts out less water whenever somebody flushes inside the toilet. Ewww! What all water connections are connected?!?! :|

For all the ‘mood’ I was in yesterday, I’m getting hardly anything done today. Sudden excitement regarding booking of tickets. But worry at the same time regarding job and jumping into decisions.

By a freak chance, found that Tiger Airways’ tickets to Chennai are cheaper. After confused discussions, finally booked a ticket. I’m going home!!

P.S.: I studied for 3 days. Please cross your fingers for my results!


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

paranoid...ozzy osbourne should habe listened to it then :)
hey done with eggjams :D

rsubras said...

know what vani... this post..esp the first day's 1 was much much beautiful write up than some of your recent posts :)

Posts ah ivlo sooper ah ezhuthara nee, exams mattum ordinary ah va ezhuthiruppae... you will be a class topper :)

iamyuva said...

finding connection with water connections.! you are dreamers- ;) may be off strange kind ;)

Manasa said...

Hi Vani,
Good writeup. I had the same template as yours. A couple of months ago, few templates stopped displaying properly. So I had to switch to the same old blogspot template.

Glad to see the template on your blog after a very long time :)


Aravind said...

indha post potutu apranm nee inga vandhu thirumbi singapore poita... but, me finds time to comment wonly now :P

chocolate brownie left u nauseated? :O

>>As I tap the fingers of my right hand

Lol... i've done that too... once during break in class in IIMB... sitting in the classroom with my eyes closed, and playing "piano" on the desk, with both my hands!! Opened my eyes on hearing lots of ppl chuckling, giggling and laughing!!!!! :P