Of the last pages of a book

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There's just something incredibly exciting about the last few pages of a book. Any book, good, bad, random - it doesn't matter. A story is coming to an end, the episode of life of the humans in the book that it's all about, is coming to an end. You are about to read something that a writer thought was beautiful enough to leave you with. It's just magical.

I have just put down Murakami's Norwegian Wood. I was reading it munching on a pizza slice, and after Chapter 10, had decided to read the rest later. But I made the mistake of reading the first few lines of the next chapter on the facing page, and wham! I had to get back to it. I was done with my food, and went to get myself a drink. And my music player switched to The Battle of Evermore. I hurriedly put the song on a loop, and went back to the book.

I was reading a work of genius, surrounded by mandolin in a song that is sheer brilliance. An insane Tuesday couldn't be coming to a close in a better way.


vignesh Sridharan said...

Just randomly came across ur blog
Ya most of the time, the last pages of any book leaves the reader with a point of view of the author,which may be good/bad/absolutely crazy, but still gives a different feeling about finishing the book.I have mostly experienced this in Nicholas Sparks's books.And Mandolin Srinivas's music is an icing on the cake ( provided the book is good).