I will always laugh


At a time when I’m already swamped with work, a colleague comes and says, ‘Can I ask you a favour?’

Not another of these, I groan. Within, of course.

I pull my earphones off my ears and smile. ‘Sure, what can I do?’

I periodically nod, and diligently take notes to make sure I don’t forget anything.

Why me, and why today, I wonder. I had been quite jobless the last 3 days at work. Today, I had planned to work on my university research project. And I’m piled with work.

Why not the new intern, I wonder. I had started doing all this work within days of starting the internship, and she’s already been here quite a while. And poor thing, is quite jobless as well. Why not her?

And I put my earphones back on, and ‘Alaipayuthey kanna’ plays.

‘Idhu thagumo, idhu muraiyo, idhu dharmam thaano,’ the song goes.

I burst out laughing, much to the surprise of the others in my cubicle.

As I started out on the new work, juggling it with the old, I know, I’ll survive as long as I manage to laugh for the silliest things on planet earth.

11 more working days.


Anonymous said...

lol....Very good one!!

Yuva said...

//I’ll survive as long as I manage to laugh for the silliest things on planet earth.// specially because alternatives are not as attractive & motivating.

laugh-on on you & around you.. /Yuva

Aravind said...

They are really funny, these coincidences...
I remember once, when my mom was in the kitchen and aksed me the time, and before even i could look at the clock, the RJ from radio mirchi says "ippodhu neram 8 mani" :))

prithz said...

Hey!!! I am goin thru the same thing in my intern! People 'making use' of me. I remembered ur internship tips that u posted in one of ur posts! Am learning a lot by helping so many people and that feels really nice! tks for ur tips!!!

Vishnu said...

I really dont know in wht way you are going to survive by laughing. You might catch a cold by all the laughing.

And i agree with you the internship. And you. The final 10 days countdown has begun. Congrats !!!

The Kid said...

I mostly have music going on in my headphone be what I might be doing. it adds a bit of fun in whatever we do... doesnt it?

Harish said...

Atleast u know when u r leaving :-)

Sandhya Ramachandran said...


My internship begins in a week!!!

And hopefully... I too will always laugh!


Karthik Sriram said...

is this what is called as a situation song??