And it's that time of the year again....

.. when I have to write a goodbye post to the last year!!
So, here comes to a close, all-important year 3, the year I began my 20 somethings, the year where I truly started earning and spent a whole semester paying for my expenses myself (and darn proud of it too!), when I realised I can be quite meticulous and detail-oriented too, and well, so on and so forth.
This year's seen a fair mix of good and worst times, times when I went to the brink of losing my prized possession - my optimism, but still managed to hang on a thread, which finally paid off! Getting an internship after two rejections from my dream jobs and then an interview with a Public Relations company (a field I totally disliked!) which finally took me in, took quite a toll on me. But looks like it was all for good - not only did i have an amazing time with my internship company, I got to know one of the agencies that didn't take me in was erm, torturing its poor interns. I scathed through, scarred, but guess I've emerged a little more resistant! I had great fun working with WS, despite the long hours, pissing-off requests from clients (that nearly convinced Public Relations is not for me!), slogging, slogging and even more slogging. The team, despite its sometimes-seemingly-inconsiderate requests (which I later got to sympathize with), was just delightful to work with. The icing on the cake was the MD of the company telling the whole office yesterday, during the Interns' farewell lunch, that he got to know talking to our client that this guy was pleased with my work, and knew me! (Ok,ok, it's quite a big deal for a client to know a lowly PR intern, just so you know!) Didn't someone say everything happens for a reason? :)
This was the year when my social circle in my univ expanded considerably, and with all the internship money coming in this sem, I went out quite a bit. The trip to Malaysia tops the list, and not to forget the food cooking sessions (mostly disasters?) and food-ordering-gumbala-eating sessions which were great fun! It was during this year I took a few important resolutions, after what seemed some tough times with people, almost leading to cynicism - lower your bloody expectations of everything! It not just makes life so much more easier to handle, it keeps you so much more happier, because you don't get disappointed! It's been working quite well, I say! Another one was to not complain - erm, ok, reduce it a bit, to be realistic! :D (Just so you don't go, 'After six months of posts which only moan, complain and bitch, she finally realized' :P )
Hmm, well, whatever; I've definitely become very easygoing on a lot of things, and my temper's hardly around compared to what it was before I came to Singapore - three cheers to that! I was also thrilled when my team mates said they loved my 'happy' outlook to everything - so hey, I am quite chirpy, yeah? :D
Anyway, here I am, 8 hours 15 mins away from my flight to heaven - HOME!!! Home per say is still quite a number of days away, but it's just 5 days before I can meet my mum and have the die-for rasam. Missed India too much this year. Going home once a year, totally is awful, so I'm never going to do it again! Adios, Singapore. Chennai, here I come! Madras-in raani pola vaaren!


Ramya said...

Wheeeeeeee !
At the end of most difficult times, when you look back at them, all of it seems so obsolete and funny !
Hey ! And no more complaining journos about bad manicure jobs! ;)

Mark Isuak said...

good to see you back lady :)

Bhargavi sekhar said...

Madras-a suthi katta poren nan unakku! boohoo! :D

Aditya said...

liked your post.
nice template too.

rsubras said...

welcome back vani.....

ooooh...all girls are like this... whining about the intern in chat and in blog but still manage to keep the cool and earn a good name in the intern... :)

etho nalla iruntha sari than :) vaazhga vaazhga :)

Sandhya Ramachandran said...


was so good to see you!
Can't wait for Aug!!!

And yeah... remember our ICM technique! ;)

iamyuva said...

as 1more year..pass by.. hope you took time to realize the beauty life its unscripted experience.. and much more is coming.. best wishes..