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Ever heard of an uneventful life going by at the speed of lightening? Heed mine. Doing hardly anything all day, but finding the days to head back to Singapore ticking off like that! (I clicked my finger to demonstrate - just so you know.)
Two (and a 1/2) books, two unfinished-hanging-at-the-point-of-action long short stories, random online final year project meetings, and recently accompanying mom on her craft class trips and dirtying my hand with ceramic and fevicol, all just describe these two weeks. Ahmedabad is thankfully back to its sweltering, stickily hot self - it's better than its dreary, always-raining form! And hot means ice creams! :D (which I have had only twice, sadly :( no time - I just described the paradox!)
And now there's Worldspace at home - it's a blessing, man! Shruti, the carnatic music channel is quite good, until the violin accompanists get so awful that the violin seems to be screeching into your ears and to quote a F.R.I.E.N.D.S-ism 'Makes me want to put my finger into my eye, through to my brain, and twirl it around!' Ok, that's taking it to an extreme, but I just want to change the channel, and that happens depending on my mom's mood :P. KL radio is decent too, playing either really-good songs, or awful-to-hear ones. Farishta plays old hindi songs, and is good at times too. Jhankaar, the new-Bollywood-Indipop channel, simply sucks. There are some good English stations too, like Voyager, UPOP, Orbit Rock and Top 40 (which I think plays the week's top 40 - just that, over and over again!) But considering that of ten songs they play, it's a surprise if I know 4, and also that the music will probably get on my mom's nerves, they're hardly played. But good, nevertheless.
We get two newspapers here, Indian Express and Times of India and both are pathetic. Indian Express is ridden with typos, and these buggers can't seem to differentiate between its and it's. Give me a break - it irritates me to see this error in some blogs, and on bloody newspapers, man, it's the last straw. And this, my friends, is the newspaper that has 'Journalism of Courage'!! Nothing but sensationalism, I say. But TOI beats I.Express on sensationalism hands down. Placement of news is awful, and less said about the way news is written, the better. Looks like these buggers don't know anything called the 'Pyramid of News Values' or they forgot their bloody Journalism 101 class stuff when they joined this awful newspaper. Even the quality of the physical paper is so bad that I don't even want to touch them when I flip through them. Ugh! I miss The Hindu badly.
I'm in the mood for more cursing - the wonderful people ruling our country and their petty politics, stripping a most deserving man of his post. Can any of the candidates plan India for 2020? Or have students thronging to meet the President? Answer questions intelligently? Walk over to the dias of a journalistic debate and bounce off questions and answers? Or visit my university and give a meaningful talk? We'll miss you, Dr Kalam. It was an honour to have you on our campus and personally, to take pictures of you from an arm's length away and write a news story on you.
What more.. it's been rather fun going with my mom to these craft classes and watching all the women talk away to glory in chatteringly-nonsensical hindi. There were even college-going and young girls who for some reason seemed to be preparing themselves to get married and stay at home to do all this - so I felt a little absurd to be in such company, but yeah since I won't be all that, I decided it doesn't matter :P
That's about it - I'm supposed to be doing research for my final year project, but I can't find relevant studies and so I have gotten bored. Guilt is tugging me to open the other window showing the results of my search on 'Social Presence Theory' .. yeah, I'll get there..


Jason said...

Hi, i agree on the President totally.. i think i could quote from my blog...

You know the feeling you get when it dawns on you that the possession you have always coveted and just very recently bought is not better than what you own currently and is not worth the exorbitant price you paid for it.... Simply put, you know the feeling you get when you have been coerced by this dude into buying this pair of jeans that looks cool in the mall mirrors but looks so 1870 when you look at it from the bedroom mirror and compare it to the other pairs in the closet...

I get the same feeling about having Pratibha Patil or Bhairon Singh Shekhawat as India's next President.


Rant on...

rsubras said...

Cooooool :)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

typical 'vani kinda' post! :D..I was smiling through each line..! Well, I hope you finish your stories soon..:)

Sandhya Ramachandran said...


Laughed throughout the entire friggin post!
As ur sis put in, it was so YOU!!! all the cribbings and stuff... missing Hindu, wanting to eat ice creams,etc!!! :D
he he!
Vegama andha stories ezhuthi enakku anuppi tholai di panni! :P

and well... come here at onct!!! :D

Vani Viswanathan said...

sigh, yes. let's bid him goodbye today.

enna pa, sivaji style edha try panrengala?

Vani Viswanathan said...

hehe.. back to my blogging self, i guess! :D

haha.. yeah, like i was saying, guess i'm back to my frequently-blogging days :P let's see! and about the stories, hope they end soon!!

Ceruleus said...

Hmmm... You do have a way with words, lady! Nice write! Regards, Ceruleus

rsubras said...

hehee yeea... sivaji paarthathula irunthu this Coool has become an addictive one :D

btw u in india or has flyed back?

Vani Viswanathan said...

Thank you, and thanks for dropping by. Have read your blog a number of times from Sandhya's :)


sujatha said...

hi! I am blogging for the very first time.
I am sujatha from Casablanca,Morocco. I am just plain bored with life and would love to do something exciting. Any options, people?