Why moms rock..

... amma's important update to me for the day was the new Rahman song she had seen on TV - 'jiya se jiya', how Rahman was awesome, the beats, brilliant and the song, rocking!


Ramnarayan said...

i see.. yeah, am great fan of ar rahman also.. really addicted and die hard fan of your blog. please keep on updating everyday at your own convenience.. thats just a die hard fan's small request.. hehe

yeah, i am sorry about my previous comments on india. well, there are high speed internet connections available in india also.. just that this mosquito.. lol.. am in nea here and my main job is under dengue prevention.. mosquito eradication.. hope india's environment agency does something on that.. plenty of breeding spots i guess, but as an ex indian.. amidst all this chaos, none other country beats india.. jai hind!

Aravind said...

my mom also like that only..
in fact, my thaatha, paati, chithi everyone like that.. if they see anything abt AR, they'll immediately call me to tell me! :D