What a year it’s been

A year of working (almost!)

A year in the house and now on to a new one

The new house is windy, bright, with large shelves, swimming complex a few minutes away, and on the 18th floor – which is what I’m most excited about!

Will miss the bookshelf in the old house, though. The bookshelf based on which I chose the room (talk about priorities – my room had only a wardrobe and nothing else).

May has gone by in a flash – May was when I got my first peek into the world of fashion (one that got me incredibly bored once I got over the ‘I’m watching a fashion show!’ mood), of homosexuals (I mean, real ones, not boys that we make fun of – and that was a first too), late night parties with new people, and well… models who had no butts or boobs (why do designers want to model their clothes on people who look sick? There’s a reason I won’t understand fashion). A month of a lot of responsibilities, late nights at work, a bit of falling sick, and oh, how could I forget, the month of Tioman!

Tioman was brilliant. The amazing beach (a little rocky, though), the I-can’t-describe-how-it-was waterfall, good food, lazing about, and my first successful snorkeling adventure (yayyy for swimming!)! it was awful to get back to work after the trip, but I was soon so caught up that – like now – Tioman didn’t even come up high on the list of what I did this month!

It’s amazing how work seems to swallow so much of your thoughts. But screw that, it’s the weekend and I’m busy packing my stuff and quite pleased with how less chaotic it’s been.

Thanks for all the lovely times in the old house and a toast to the new house and the good memories it is to bring!


Anupama Viswanathan said...

whoo..that sounds like an american teenager's "I am sharing my experiences" kind of write-up!! :D..the fashion show has really done something to your ways of expressing!! hehehe..anyways, here's to great memories and adventures at the new house!!

PS: did you drop by my blog once in recent weeks? If you haven't, pls do..there is a template change, which I have been meaning to tell you every time I call..but I land up talking about only one little fellow!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

I see you have done some pest control measures..good and finally!! :D

iamyuva said...

new house... even more good times ahead.. and another excuse to celebrate

sivadeep said...

I also had the same thinking why in all Fashion show you are made to watch people who look sick? If you find the reason please do write it in your blog.

18th Floor New House...is too good to enjoy. Have a great time