Noise galore

After two days of endless rain in Singapore (third highest ever recorded, triggering floods and landscapes - ouch! Can Singapore stand it?), it's finally a bright and sunny day.
I woke up at 8 and looked around the room. I could actually see sunlight streaming in!! Thrilled, I decided to sleep for longer to celebrate the sun's outing after 2 miserable, depressing days.
And then, they come.
It's not the first time I write about these guys (Even in my year 1, here! and a couple of casual references here and there), but it's a wonder they make me write about them again and again. The guys mowing the grass.
Funny, in year 1, I thought they were cleaning it :P

These guys promptly come only when I'm sleeping, be it early morning, afternoon or evening. The point is (not that I sleep all day) but that they come when I'm sleeping. Nothing can block out the noise and I woke up with a dull gritting headache this morning. I wish I could record the noise and play it so you can hear for yourself how annoying it is, and wish why they can't just leave the grass as it is. And, the whole ceremony goes on for hours, that I can't hear the music my comp is playing, when my phone rings or if I have dropped something. The men are right below my window..unfortunately for me, they are a whole floor below, but I seriously wouldn't mind finding my lost window grille key, opening the window and jumping out to pull that noisy machine out of their hands and breaking it.
I wish! That's all I could do. Right now I can only grit my teeth and live with it for a few minutes.

Wait... they've stopped!
Now I realise my music's been blaring so I can hear it over the noise.
I suddenly feel like some noise going all my life has stopped.


Anupama Viswanathan said...

hey vetti, aramichutayaa, soga kadhaya?? Btw, me first to comment! :D

Biju said...

think of lawn-mowers as music to your ears! :-D

Seriously! glorious sunshine after 2 days and you decided to sleep it off. Not nice at all. :-P

Neha said...

*The point is (not that I sleep all day)*
i think that IS the point P

kausikram krishnasayee said...

*makes quick calculation*
there didnt i tell you, that you could wish me goodnight after you wake up :D

dante said...

trust me, i feel your pain .... as a fellow sympathiser who has suffered at the hands of the grass cutting crew juz like u, i remember the torment i had to endure ...... luckily for me, i have now shifted to a new place where the only grass grows in a 5 feet by 5 feet patch .... still recall the times, when i would be woken up with a throbbing headache and a strong desire to jump down from my room and beat the grass cutting machine senseles .... thank god for the metal grilles on my window .... have to thank dear ol' sensible mom for tat .... *grin* ....

p.s. guess wat, the peace didn't last tat long .... they decided to build something next door and now all i have to put up with is the sound of pile driving ....

tpraja said...

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