I smile to myself, glow inside every time I hear the noise. It's ages since I wore an anklet. Oh, rather, it's the first time! (I've never worn just one!!)
And I'm just like this little girl, looking at my right leg from time to time, and grinning!
I feel like a lady!


Badri said...

@I hear the noise
ungaluku ithu noisea :0 !!!!

kausikram krishnasayee said...

reminds me of chandramukhi

Ramya said...

Just the right leg???

dante said...

it's a pity tat u dun find too many gals wearing the "kolusu" aka the anklets nowadays ... say what u may but i juz find the sight of a gal in traditional garb and anklets irresistible .... heck, who would have tot i am such a conservative guy at heart ... guess u can blame all the tamil movies i saw as a kid ..... *grin*

guess u must be the only "lady" in singapore wearing anklets .... not tat i am not liking it but why the sudden interest in them ... one can't help but wonder whether it was a request from somebody special .... *wink*

p.s ramya, actually chinese gals have the habit of wearing an anklet on the right legs .... not tat i was staring or leering at anybody's legs .... *grin*

Ramanujam said...

Now a days girls wearing anklets has became a rare sight....I guess it does not go well with the skirt or the jean!

the woman said...

You sure it's chal chal chal and not ching ching ching?

Hmmm... I have to hear it for myself first. :P

Vani Viswanathan said...

err.. ok, sound!!

lol...oh no, it's not an anklet, a 'payal', if you please!

Vani Viswanathan said...

yup! i thought chennai also has that trend?! it's stale fashion here :P

this isn't the kolusu, it doesn't have too many things that go chal chal... there are a number of such ladies in my college, btw! and it's no sudden interest.. i usually don't wear them coz they break a few days after.. i only hope this lasts!

Vani Viswanathan said...

oh hold on, they'll soon get back into fashion.. even if it's not the ones that make noise, at least things worn around the ankle will become a rage.. coz most of these go well with the skirt or jeans too...


Bhargavi sekhar said...

thot u wer cheering up for India!:D pudhu golusu eh?kalakku!:)