Did any of you watch Cricket Crazy on Star Cricket today?

If you did, 'Fire Away, Dinesh Karthik' was me!!!
I was on TV!!! Woohooo!!!!
More, later, if I am in the mood.


dante said...

cricket .... still trying to figure out the game ..... can't make heads or tails of it ... too slow and oring juz like golf ... ;-P

p.s. soo any chance u have a snapshot of your 15 sec of fame .....

Raj said...

on TV?! Wow! :D Congrats! :P
As Dante asked, do u have the clip?

Aravind said...

yaay :)) kangaroolations :D
It was yesterday night?

any youtube/google vid links?

rsubras said...

my guess is that...some 2 or 3 years down the lane you are going to laugh like crazy at this post..coz u wud be a star at that time for ur talent :)

enna ithu chinna pullai thanama iruku u will think then :p

Rajeev said...

congrats! :)
nice blog u;ve got here! ;)

peace & love

Karthik B.S. said...

Oh really? Congrats congrats! :)

sirpy said...

Cool template, yaar.. Brush with fame, eh..? Waiting for the "more later"..

Vani Viswanathan said...

nope! :( we couldn't even take a picture.. the hosts of the show ran off before we could even talk to them off air :D

yup!! thanks :) no clip, coz it was live.. don't think youtube will carry something as insignificant!

it was 19th afternoon, india time..

neenga sonnadhu balikattum :D

rajeev, karthik and sirpy
thank you! :)

dante said...

rs, too much "ice" ..... hope lil' chennai gal doesn't catch the chills ..... *grin*

rsubras said...


for a place like chennai, any much amount of ice can do :) wat say dude?

anyway i intended nice comments and not ice comments :p