Is it going too far...

... if I jump for joy when someone I nearly blush over really appreciates my work? :D
I've got enough happiness-fuel to last me till the weekend.
Long live kutti sandoshams!


Raj said...

oopsy! I think i should just copy-paste my comment from the reply that i just now gave for your previous post! :) Isnt this a near-blissful (if not blissful) experience? :) Ought i repeat the cliche that u aint alone?! ;) It is a lovely feeling and i feel that all of us should have the wonderful opportunity to experience it sometime! :)

rsubras said...

>>Long live kutti sandoshams!

Adding on.... May some of the kutti kutti sandhosams get converted into a real periyyyya santhosam

Thathasthu :)

Aravind said...

feels good to see a "Bright chirpy happy" post after the Void :D

BTW, "going too far" ellam depends on what u think.. as long as u dont feel it is so, unnoda happiness-a express panna nee jump pannu, katthu, enna venum na pannu :P

rsubras said...

aravind sonna maathiri intha maathiri normal human feelings ku lam (Athavathu jumping in joy for kutti santhosams) romba think panramo nu ninaichu blog pottathu than really going too far :)

dante said...

//.. if I jump for joy when someone I nearly blush over really appreciates my work? :D

i believe the more important question would be who is the "mystery" guy behind tis jump of joy ... curious to know .... *grin*

iamyuva said...

after all you are human too.. and boss would know how to work you more..;)

Ajay said...

I really like the simplicity and of your blog as well as your ability to turn even the most austere situation into an interesting story. I accidentally hit your blog while searching for a line from R.K. Narayan's book. The postings were so interesting that i read all your comments from the beginning of 2005. Very interesting, very innocent and very very nostalgic. I am willing to bet that some top selling books would soon be carrying your name. Keep posting.

Vani Viswanathan said...

oh yes! blissful, indeed :)

Thank you very much for that!! :)

hehe.. i had actually jog so that i don't scream with happiness :P

haha.. not someone very important. you could probably equate it to a crush, though it really wouldn't be even that!

yes, when i get a boss :P

thank you very much for the comment! i must say i was really glad to see such an earnest one :) and thank you very much, i really hope there is a day when a book carries my name - i live in that hope!
good luck with your blogging venture, and hope to see you around often :)

Raj said...

oh btw....wanted to add this but forgot: your "about me" reads: "astonishingly transparent"...this post confirms that! :)