And officially...

......they're over.
Life seems to be totally delightful now, and I'm busy thinking of what all I did when I was supposed to be studying. And here's a rough list (now that I've gone back to being jobless, such things are expected!!) :

** Grown so used to my glasses that I went to wash my face with them on.
**Watched some Chinese mythological serial for ten minutes (didn’t I say anything other than studies?).
**Cleaned my room and arranged my clothes cabinet.
**Wanted something to eat at 11 in the night. Couldn’t find anything. Went back to loyally eating spoonfuls of milk powder.
**Wondered why Surya sings to Trisha in Mounam Pesiyadhe ‘pengaL uLLavarai aaNgaL jeyippadhillai’ when he was crazy enough to think she loves him when she didn’t. ;) **Watched more movies than I have in free/normal time.
**Found a sudden fascination for writing with a pencil (in part because almost all my pens stopped writing at one point).
**Left a bottle of ice-cold water near my new, freshly taken notes highlighted with blue (yeah, not purple!) only to see after fifteen minutes a mess of blue highlighter ink on my for-a-change neatly done notes.
**Listened to every bit of music in my computer and CDs at least twice.
**Played online Poker and managed to win about $10 from some unknown guy (until I decided to quit because I didn't know what was going on and how I had won it :P).
**Won minesweeper more number of times than I ever have!

Another month and a half before I can think of going home. But who cares, now exams are over! Celebrations!!!


Manoj said...

Pengal (manadhukkul) ULLavarai Aangal Jeyippadhillai

So much time to go home? :( Poor you

rsubras said...

Wanted something to eat at 11 in the night. Couldn’t find anything. Went back to loyally eating spoonfuls of milk powder. --> Inspiration for "one night without food" is it?

one thing is sure though vani, u wanted to write a lengthy post.. but cudnt get enuf minute vishayam kooda romba yosichu eluthirukeenga ;)

>>Pengal ULLavarai Aangal Jeyippadhillai

Hey dont mind, Surya is referring to winning the state first rank in +2 examinations :))

Anonymous said...


Strange....Me also use pencil in writing....nice template & very neat & clean!!

hope was a great exam..

Matty said...

Ekjactly Mr. Subramanian!
Vani..Enjoy your holidays!!
Didn't watch Selvi, Kanvarukkaga serials???

Vani Viswanathan said...

i see, so that's the interpretation!!

Naah...that wasn't the inspiration ;)
oh no, i wasn't bent on writing a long post or anything...who reads long ones anyways? :) exam time pozhudu ennalam panna thonudhu-nu thaana vandhadhu!

Vani Viswanathan said...


serials? me?? singapore??? bloody hell, no! :P

Ramya said...

I love writing with pencils too..and even better erasing them and rewriting neatly!!

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

have fun :)

rsubras said...

vani, come to my site :)

(not a story / article but a post)

Revathi said...

u actually cleaned ur room!!:O:O..i d rather pretend to study than do that:D:D
and a piece of advice..horlicks works much better for those 11 o clock pangs of hunger ;);)
nice blogs!!they make interesting reading!!:):)

the woman said...

Yay! More posts to come? :P

Ps: Address me as Asha. :)

Aravind said...

when i am supposed to be studying, my main time pass is thinking about what i will do after the exams!! ;)

Vani Viswanathan said...

and you collect the eraser dust too, right? ;)

thanks! that, i will!

Vani Viswanathan said...


i see, so horlicks works better! will keep that in mind :)
thanks for visiting!

Vani Viswanathan said...

Asha (whew, feels much better, I don't feel disrespectful!)
yeah! what other work? :P

We always think of the present. ;)

Harish said...

purple goo would have looked uglier on neatly written notes! damn!!

Ramanujam said...

enjoyment a????
enaku exam mudiya innum one month irukku:(

Vishnu said...

I did even better...

* I watched a chinese Mega serial regularly for one hour daily.
* Watched movies that i hadd already seen for the third or fourth time.
* Went to the cinema for new ones.
* Spent time cooking food.
* And happy Orkutting.

and my guess is you have very little music in your computer.

I have nothing more to say as long as grades are good.

Known Stranger said...

three things goes with me during semster study holidays

1. eating spoon full of milk powder
2. writting with pencil.
3. watching movies more than i do while in holidays