And..........they're OVER!!

Whew, finally. No more exams for at least a year! (Refer to last post for explanation.)
The exam on 'Information Visualization and Perception' was one of the funniest I've ever written in university. After having spent days preparing for it, I felt like how I used to in Class XI or XII, having no clue what I've studied, my mind foggy all over.
I proudly claimed 2 chapters weren't important - and guess, there were questions worth 50 marks (i.e. half of the marks allotted to the paper - I almost shrieked in the exam hall!!) from just those two chapters!! :O
Thankfully, the questions had some clue on what they were asking (err.. didn't I tell she was a bit, erm, you know!), you know, like 'What are the 3 primary colours? Explain with special importance to red, blue and yellow. (I mean, those are the answers!!)' Those kinds. So I made up answers based on these 'explain with reference to..' and so on. Fabrication, I can say, but basically it's all crap.
Turns out studying mass communication and the ability to write crap in blogs really helps. My answers were bloody correct! No, I don't claim to have intelligence that I can even answer questions from chapters I have no clue about, but it was luck, sheer luck. I even had no clue what I was answering (from my example, I wouldn't know what primary colours are, but just would know red, blue and yellow), so I have no idea how well I managed to connect the answer to the main topic. Oh well, who cares now.. I'm done, and I think it was ok. Looking at the faces of others taking the exam, I guess I was fine!
I had German yesterday, which was quite insignificant and even boring, that I just finished the paper and left early. I mean, it was fun to sit and recite lines like Kindergarten kids in level 1, but it got boring in level 2. I hope I sustain enough interest in the language to finish it with level 3 in my final year.
So, what now? I made the horrible mistake of watching 'Vallavan' yesterday after I got back. I'd already watched parts of the movie, and watched the last one hour yesterday. I think I have to reserve an entire post to bash up that idiot and how Tamil cinema has to really shake him up and ask him to be sensible in his characterization.
I just woke up after 9 1/2 hours of sleep, compensating for all those hours I lost out doing my projects during the semester. Sigh, feels good, now! I hope it lasts long and I don't feel really bored very soon!
To all guys writing exams, good luck, rock them!


Ramya said...

Dammit ! U lucky female ! And here I'm screwing up every paper!! Life I tell you can be so cruel at times...!

Juggernought said...

Turns out studying mass communication and the ability to write crap in blogs really helps.

Soofer!:)I plan to study mass communication.

OH,and German? You guys have a language requirement too?I'm dying with sanskrit here!:@

Vani Viswanathan said...

Err.. :D Hehe.. Sigh, life will be cruel so we can sit back later and laugh at all those screwing times, like I'm doing now!!

Yay, way to go, it's amazing to study! :)
Nope, we don't have a language requirement, I just took it out of interest... I did Level 1 well, so i thought level 2 would be fun.. well it wasn't fun, really!
And guess what.. i LOVE sanskrit! :D

S m i t h a said...

i hope that was not the actual question.. bcos the primary colors are red, blue, and GREEN :P

Harish said...

What are the 3 primary colours? Explain with special importance to red, blue and yellow.

LOL!!! Reminded me of "Tell me what's in my hand, and how many.. and I'll give you both the chocolates"

@S m i t h a,
Green when light is involved, yellow when paint is involved la?

manikkavum.. I agree this is blasphemous.. to talk sense in ur blog I mean :P

Vani Viswanathan said...

No!! Isn't it yellow all the time?! Yeah, they're different when print is involved, but it's red-blue-yellow all the time!
Smitha, green is the secondary colour obtained by mixing blue and yellow! :D

guess how jobless i am, checking my blog every hour! hahaha

dante said...

new template = 10 plus man hours
Fresh content = 3 plus man hours
Same ol' kutti stories = Priceless ......

glad to see tat some things never change ... sooo when are u gonna stop writing about meena's new pen and amma feeding sumathi kutty nila rice and etc ..... and try ur hand at some mature stuff instead of the usual kindergarten type stories ..... anyway sorry tat i couldn't welcome u back earlier as i was back in the jungle on my reservist duty .... u know, the usual stuff .... macho guy protecting the country, tat sorta thing .... chicken feet ..... *grins even wider*

had no idea that ppl found xmas in s'pore sooo boring .... not tat i am disagreeing but somehow it sorta feels magical during tat period even thou there is no snow (substituted by heavy monsoon rains), bearded old perverts aka santa wannabe's or santa's lil helpers aka cute lil blondes in short lil red mini-skirts .... guess u could blame it on my constant diet of hollywood movies with a particular soft spot for the "christmas" movies .... somehow it seems tat ppl come together during xmas and it juz soo happens u fall head over heels in love with you one tru soul-mate and everybody lives happily ever after .... doesn't it juz wanna make u go "aawwwww" .... i despise happy endings ......

on a brighter note, sooo where will u be doing ur interning ... tat is if we are privy to such personal information ... not all of us are axe wielding psycho nut cases, thou there are the occasional perverts (not including me of coz ..... *grin* i only drool )

(p.s. sorry about the very, very log post but the creative juices start flowing and i couldn't help it .... and if u really have nothing to do on xmas, u could always join me and my pathetic bunch of loser friends .... )

rsubras said...

vaniiiii..enakkulla thoongitu iruntha remote sensing padippa ah thatti elupitte........ Red, blue, green than primary colors :) appadi than en PG la enakku solli koduthanga.........shall i file a case against them otherwise if you are so sure on your answer?? :-?

rsubras said...

btw for a change why dont u post your answer paper as one of ur blog post...i bet it wud be interesting than the granny stories u write here ;)

Aravind said...

// I made the horrible mistake of watching 'Vallavan'

Adhukku thaan enga blog pakkam varanum nu solradhu... :P
2 weeks back i wrote about this stupid movie warning ppl to avoid it!!
>>Vallavan is way too much toruture (more than 3 hours) to inflict on oneself, how much ever one is angry with oneself! Please avoid!!

Aravind said...

BTW, have a great vacation!!!

Aravind said...

And, when we refer to primary colors, we normally mean the "light" unless specified... And when u superimpose green light on blue, u get yellow..
so, the primary colors are R,G and B!

It is R,Y,B when u are talking about paints, as curses rightly pointed out!!

Sharanya said...

Lucky u ppl.. done with exams so soooon! ive still got 3 papers to go!!
neways, Have a great vacation!!

Vani Viswanathan said...

welcome back! :)

Ugh, now I really don't care what the primary colours are..
And what's with all of you calling them 'granny' stories... I know how much you understand/appreciate my other content, coming up with silly kiddish comments !

Vani Viswanathan said...

Thanks! :)
hehe, i had seen the post about the movie in your blog when i was studying for my exams.. i took the risk, even though i read it.. guess it was 'yayyy exams-just-got-over' effect! :P

Hi! Nice to see you here.. good luck for your exams! And you have a good vacation too :)

rsubras said...

welll......... (first..oru samalippu, appuram oru vazhisal :D, appuram oru mumbling (ellorum solra term use panni maatikitiye machi.........) appuram samalichufies.... sari sari ithaiyum samalikkaren)

athu illa vaani...granny story na...namma paati namakku romba pidikkum la.. creative ah solra story laye anbu kalanthu innum sooper ah solvangalla..athu pola, the way you tell ur story with a human touch.....athai than naanga granny story nu solrom..not an insult but a compliment only..beleiveeeeeeee :D

(hooooooooooooo..... )