What am I studying?!

Ever felt teachers/lecturers have no idea what they're teaching you? Oh well, I'm sure some of you feel that all the time.
For the first time after high school, I started studying a subject having no idea what on earth it talks about - Information Visualisation and Perception, which I took on as a General Elective. Now don't ask me why I took such a boring subject - the course description during subject registration cheated me. The description said that we'll study meanings of symbols or words in visualising information. Going by how much I love meanings and my interest in analysing what a word or visual is doing in this context, I registered for the subject - only to realise that the information they were talking about was the engineering information - damn it! And here I am, staring at powerpoint slide after slide, wondering what on earth the lecturer was thinking when she put these totally unconnected slides one after the other. Of the 15 lectures that were offered, I would have attended 5! Not that attending really makes a difference, because she puts on a microphone and mumbles whatever she's written on the slide.
Gosh, why are some people so bad at what they do? Why not instead do something they're good at? I'm sure this lecturer is brilliant with her research (maybe why my univ decided to take her in..) but she really has to learn how to teach!
Two more days to freedom from studies and exams for a whole year! My next sem is going to be completely devoted to a 6-month internship. Maybe I should enjoy writing exams, as I won't be doing so for another year! :D
I'm busy figuring out what to do for the December vacation I'm going to spend here - damn, I'm really going to miss home, India, Chennai, Ahmedabad and my cute neighbour kid! But I'm gonna be here for the famed Singapore Christmas! Let's see how it is..
Now that was enough entertainment for 15 minutes.
By the way, listened to Guru? Man, it's brilliant! A R Rahman rocks, totally!!!! Cheers!


the woman said...

What else to see other than the lightings here? It's always the lightings when it comes to festives here... bleargh, as if there's no light at home.

ps: Can't blame me, I still loathe this place.

Happy holidays in advance vani. Have fun in this not-so-fun place. :P

Vinesh said...

have i really become that old, or is everybody doing postgraduate degrees.

studying seems so long ago :-)

Juggernought said...

Ever felt teachers/lecturers have no idea what they're teaching you?

ALL the time!:P And sheesh, engineering course.You have my sympathies!

BTW,this is hamsini formerly of hamdamn.livejournal.com.:)

Manoj said...

Wow gal. I'v'n't been around here lately and look at this. Stunning new template. It's great.

Manoj said...

And "A R Rahman rocks, totally!!!!"?

Girl you don't have to tell us the sun rises in the east.

Already wagging my tail to hear the BGM.

Vani Viswanathan said...

sigh.. I'm just consoling myself.. if you'd wanna hear me complain about some things in this place, i could go ON and ON!!
Hehe.. thanks for the advanced wishes.. I'm real close to hols! Yay!

LOL.. well, I'm sure i'll miss studying when i stop!

Vani Viswanathan said...

And no, terrible mistake.. i'm NOT in engineering!! LOL.. Engineering?? EWWWWWW! ;)
I do communication studies, sth like mass+vis comm; add a dash of advertising and research .. that's my course!

Vani Viswanathan said...

Haha.. can't wait for the movie to release.. I'm going gaga over the songs already, and it's just a day since I first heard them!
Thanks.. I totally love the template too! :)

Aravind said...

>> Of the 15 lectures that were offered, I would have attended 5!

U can bunk so many classes??? u ppl are sooo lucky!!! Inga 75% attendance mandatory.... :(

enjoy ur vacation..

rsubras said...

looks like u have worked a lot on this template........ looks a lot better.... (still u can make it better....but podhum romba work panniyaachu ithula :))

Ramya said...

Geee ! people land up as lecturers when they know nothing !
Guru- brilliance personified !
And good luck with the internship! :)
And ofc everyone's gonna miss u this dec!

Vani Viswanathan said...

oh well, we have 85% attendance, supposedly! but we don't have attendance taken in classes (they have more than 60 people, not worth it!) so i can bunk as many as i want, as longer as the teacher doesn't know me! :)

Vani Viswanathan said...

hehe.. i want to make the text column bigger.. now that i'm free and exams are done, i'll do that!

thanks! argh, i just can't wait for guru to be released! how're exams going?

rsubras said...

ok if you are that much free i can suggest so many changes that is required...thought of telling that earlier, but i thought u wil come up something like what i have said ;)