A spider on my notebook

(A little entry inspired by a little spider who crawled on my notebook, while I was studying)

It took me a while to realize that the little grey thing moving on my notebook was not my imagination, but a spider. Scarily tiny, he looked so fragile.
My first impulse was to blow him off the paper. But I stopped myself, for he was more interesting to study than impact of globalisation on news reporting. He walked a bit, then paused. Walked. Paused. It looked as though he was searching for something in the vast forest of blue and black lines on paper. A place to spin a web, maybe? He should've been disappointed.
He never quit, though. Just when he had finished traveling the entire length of an A4 sheet, he started again in the diagonally opposite direction. His tenacity fascinated me - what did he want?
Just then, I sneezed.
I opened my eyes. He was nowhere to be seen. Futility of existence - his or mine?


Harish said...

u killed him!!

Biju said...

u didn't sneeze him to death, did you? :-P

Spider From France said...

Can't believe you wrote a post about me! Well, i didn't know that you sneezed. A huge moist wind and the next thing i know, i was in front of eiffel tower. I miss my home :( But atleast, i can spin a million webs on this tower. Thanks anyways girl.

Spider from France said...

And who are you calling futile? Ask any spider out there. I'm a construction specialist who can spin the dream web that any spider can possibly conceive.

Sharanya said...

poor spider!!
oh, but the spider seems to have landed in france!

nice how such small things catch our attention at times :)

Sheks said...

Long time!Cool new template.

And you wouldnt have killed that little thing.It must have got blown away.Check out the four walls.

The 'N' said...

The Spider was a "he"? ..

Im amazed, I dint know you were an arachnologists.


Vani Viswanathan said...


hehe.. i know you'd hate this, but it's FICTION! :P

Vani Viswanathan said...

spider from france,
(as disgusting as it sounds!) thank god you landed safe and well in france!

haha.. yeah!

Vani Viswanathan said...

oh, apparently he's landed in france!

Ah! I really knew that was coming!

rsubras said...

so cutttttttttte post :)

itz amazing how u've spun a thread in the web, more amazing than how the spider himself wud'v spun a thread for his web :)

spider from france said...

Disgusting?!! Well, who forgot to close the mouth when sneezing.

And why are you people calling me "futile", "small thing", "little thing", "poor thing" ... ? I work as an architect at eiffel tower. Anyone of you got a "higher" job? No? So you better learn to pay some respect to the spider. And call me Mr.Spider from now. And don't sympathize over me, i hate it.

And who is this 'n'? Don't you know a 'man'-spider when you see one?

Vani Viswanathan said...

Ahhhh.. thatthuvam, engyo poiteenga!

Mr Spider,
Disgusting for the 'moist wind', not for you.. oh, please don't get offended! Anyway, the last line 'Futility of existence - his or mine?' was meant to play on how we might easily call your existence futile, while in reality, it's not so!
Damn, the implication got lost in the web i spun?!

dante said...

Futility of existence - his or mine?

nice line .... since when did u started to dabble in philosophy ??? .... sorta sounds like one of those haiku poems ....

fun2fun said...

LOL!! cute post...
adhu eppadi padikanum nu book eduthu vecha mattum indha madhiri thoughts ellam coming?? :)

Aravind said...

wow.. thats a short and cute post!! :D

but the conversation between you and the spider seems to overtake the post itself! ;)

Vani Viswanathan said...

me loves philosophy!!

hehe.. book tharandhu veccha padikardhu thavara we'll want to do everything else!!

hehe, thanks.. yeah!!

the woman said...

I think it's sort of like the mosquito in my room... but unlike you, I'm planning to murder already.

Shek said...

what makes you say the spider landed in france?Do u have some GPS tracking the spider's movement?

Vinod R Iyer said...

Hey...Try climbimng the wall ..May b the spider gave u a bite or something !! :)

I like watching ants somehow. Some will power these creatures have got !! Nice post.

Manoj said...

A college girl who doesn't shriek and throw her notebook away even after seeing a spider on it. Now thats different. Nice post.

spider from france said...

manoj, Yes. She's so charming isn't she? (...Otherwise, may be, i am the most charming spider in the whole world ). Even the girls here at france seem to like me. Doux.

Vani Viswanathan said...

killer on large!

oh, that? the spider himself said so!

Vani Viswanathan said...

vinod r,
i should first try to be careful when i walk on ground, and not fall :P i'll try climbing walls later!

compliment? Thanks!!!

hey mr spider,
ahh.. you seem to be having a good time there!!

Sheks said...

spider HIMSELF??adhenna spider-aa illa spiderman-aa?