Pudusu, kanna, pudusu!

Bright, mystical and classy. Just the way I like it.
Yup, it needs a lot of editing to make it what I want, but how is it? :)


Aravind said...

hey.. beautiful template!!!
and, it looks good on firefox too, unlike the previous one!!

iCitizen said...

The New Template is really good.

It has a good formatting.
Looks good on Firefox.
Its more clear than the previous one.
Easier readability i feel.
So keep it.

A really good one.

And mostly it suits you.

- The International Citizen

Ramya said...

Is it supposed to be grey fully ?

Badri said...

Firefox / opera doesn't support @import url in css style sheet.

1.Open http://googlelite.free.fr/makemyway.css in your browser.
2.Copy the content
3. Replace the line "@import url('http://googlelite.free.fr/curves-blue.css');" with the one you copied.

S m i t h a said...

wow! beautiful.. like u ;)